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Massage Therapy

Massage is very beneficial for detoxifying. It helps to relieve symptoms such as headaches, myalgia, fatigue and can improve the function of the organs or systems.

Lymphatic Massage

Once tissue is decongested, blocked fluid and blood flow improve, this leads to reduced pain and discomfort. When the body is under chronic illness, or after a period of high stress, the body will really benefit from lymphatic drainage, the goal is to reduce the sluggishness brought on by too many starchy, high fat foods and too little exercise.

Aroma Touch Technique

Aroma Touch Technique is done on the aroma zones of the back using specific essential oils that may help fight bacteria, detoxify cells, boost immune function, and promote relaxation. The Aroma Touch Technique helps bring the body to a homeostasis to the parasympathetic, and sympathetic nervous system.