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Ladies: Your Bra Has Expired

Unlike traditional prescriptions, it is not as easy to tell when your bra has expired. A majority of women simply have no clue! In most cases, women are walking around in brasseries that should have been replaced months, or even years ago.

Your bra is there for a reason. It has a very important job to do, but when it has expired it can no longer perform that job. Depending on how well your bra is taken care of, their average life is only 6 to 9 months.

Here are a couple ways to tell if your bra is on its last leg:

Stomping the Battle with Weight Loss

An important part of living a healthy lifestyle is setting aside extra time in your day to exercise. Finding the right exercise for you is an essential part to living a long, healthy life. Every person, their body type and their workout preference is different so the amount and type of exercise varies. Summer is the time of the year for backyard cookouts and celebrations. During these gatherings, it’s hard not to consume all the delicious foods that your family and friends bring. As summer ends, we start to worry about ways to maintain our diet during the holiday season.


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