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About Us

"We strive to make the impossible, possible by exceeding our customers' expectations."


Welcome to Chambers’ Apothecary, Wellness and Compound Center

At Chambers’ Apothecary you will experience a notable difference. We pride ourselves with our superior customer service and dedication to product excellence. As an apothecary, we have everything you would expect from a traditional pharmacy, while also specializing in compounded medications. We incorporate a strong focus on organic and natural products while blending traditional pharmacy services with an alternative care and holistic approach. We believe that a person’s wellness is more than just taking a pill. By combining both modalities we are better able to take care of our patients and meet many of their needs. We believe in optimal health and help navigate each person’s journey to achieving this goal. A traditional apothecary assumed the role of caretaker of the community’s health. The colors that were displayed in the Apothecary Show Globes, like the ones hanging in our store, reflected the well being of the whole town. It was a place to gather for news of the day and to have ailments relieved. These colors also help warn the community if there was sicknesses, diseases, or plagues that were growing in the town and to stay away. Everyone depended on the apothecary’s ability to safeguard the health of the community and their skills of “the natural remedies.” Much like our store today, herbs, roots, teas, and other supplements were a common sight within the apothecary. It has been our goal to blend those traditional values and knowledge with the convenience of a modern day pharmacy.


Happy Customers

  • A massage done by Randi is not only wonderfully relaxing, but can be very therapeutic as well. I should know, I have been enjoying the benefits...

    Shippensburg, PA

  • I was amazed at how I felt after the Aroma Touch Technique. I had a ton of energy and my mind felt so clear!

    Shippensburg, PA

  • I have known Randi Weist for over 25 years. She is a dedicated young woman with a passion for teaching good nutritional health as well as guiding...

    Shippensburg, PA

  • Great pharmacy. I've been coming here since diagnosed with Lymes and Babesia. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always ready to help in any...

  • Chambers Apothecary has been a true blessing to our family.  For the last several years, they have provided compounded medications that have...

    The Elliot Family

  • Chambers' Apothecary is the best pharmacy in town. I know because I have tried them all. They are a true testament to; if it can be done, it will...

    The Landaverde Family