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Chronic Pain Management

Do you have pain? We can help.

Here at chambers’ Apothecary we designed a program to work with you and your doctor to manage your pain. So come on in and set up a consultation. We will set aside time to do a one on one to talk about what’s going on and how we can help. There are many topical compound preparations and options that we can use. We can always add ingredients or take away ingredients to best suit each patient’s individual needs. Also, we can show you the most effective places to apply the cream so you use less and save money but most important you get the most relief.

There are four areas to apply topical pain creams. The four areas you want to apply the topical compound are the dermatomes, trigger points, location of injury and location of pain. To help the patient find these locations we have some print outs and other great resources to help locate the origin of pain. Compounded medication is also known as custom medication. The reason it is called custom medication is because we make each compound specifically for each individual patient’s needs and if it doesn’t work the first time we can always tweak or change the compound based on the results of prior creams. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the right combination of chemicals because pain comes in layers. The patient will say my pain got worse but in reality we just exposed another type of pain the patient didn’t notice before because the first layer of pain was blocking the second layer of pain. So then we just treat for the first layer and the second layer with a modified version of the first pain cream.

Tyler Craig