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Do you or someone you know have a child that hates taking medication? At Chambers’ Apothecary we are proud to be able to help parents and children with medication compliance. We understand not all children are the same and need medication specifically tailored to them. We can compound medication into different dosing forums to enhance the appearance, shape, texture and flavor. Also, we can compound medication for patients who are hypoallergenic. Some common medication we see our patients filling are omeprazole, lansoprazol, metranidazol. We have hundreds of flavors, including chocolate. If you want to make giving your child their medication enjoyable and help with medication adherence, call or stop in and see what we can do for you.

Autistic children often have trouble taking medication whether it’s the texture, color, flavor or dose forum. At Chambers’ Apothecary we can compound medication into a dose the patient is familiar with so medication is not a challenge. That could be in a lollipop, gummy, suppository, cream, gel, ointment, oral liquid. You tell us what the patient would like and we can check and see if the drug can be placed into that form. Once we find a form suitable to the patient we can contact the doctor for a prescription. Let us help you make medication administration easier for the patient and caregiver and maybe enjoyable.