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Custom Compression

Why Compression?

Do you have questions about compression? Whether you have tired, achy legs, spider veins, varicose veins, edema or more complex lymphedema -we can help

Lymphedema is a highly under-diagnosed condition that affects the lymphatic vessels. If you have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiation treatment, lymph node removal, surgeries, infections or trauma to the limbs, you may be at risk for developing lymphedema.
Your doctor can best evaluate the cause of any post-surgical swelling. If you are diagnosed with lymphedema, we recommend seeing a trained MLD therapist or doctor specializing in lymphedema. Your doctor will determine what is best for your specific treatment - which may include elevation/exercise, day and/or night time compression garments and/or a lymphedema pump. Our fitters are highly trained to measure and instruct you on how to wear and use all of these products.

  • Diabetes - To help improve circulation and reduce edema.
  • DVT(deep vein thrombosis) – To improve blood flow and reduce the risk of DVT or complications.
  • Leg Ulcers – To support the healing of the wound, help manage pain, minimize edema and protect the healthy skin.
  • Mastectomy Patients – Compression helps reduce the risk of DVT and relieve the symptoms of heavy legs, leg pain, swollen feet and ankles.
  • Maternity – Prevent DVT, improve venous blood return and circulation, manage varicose veins and minimize swelling.
  • Lymphedema – Maintain reduction of fluid build-up, improve circulation, and aids upward flow of lymphatic and venous systems.
  • Venous Disorders – To manage healing and maintain quality of life for common disorders like Spider veins, Varicose veins, Edema, Dermatitis and Leg Ulcers.
  • Surgery – To help reduce edema and flush out potentially harmful fluids, aid in body contouring and skin retraction and improve comfort during healing process.
  • Travel – Prolonged travel (four hours or more) increases risk of DVT. Compression helps reduce the risk of DVT and relieve the symptoms of heavy legs, leg pain, swollen feet and ankles.
  • Job – Help relieve symptoms of heavy and tired legs, leg pain and swelling from standing for a living. (i.e. healthcare workers, service men & women, teachers, factory workers, retail and customer service, etc.) Workers who sit for prolonged periods of time will also benefit from compression garments for leg symptoms and to reduce the risk of DVT.
  • Sports & Competitive Athletes – Improve blood flow to provide much-needed oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles, helps delay muscle soreness and reduces injury, shin splints and calf cramps.

What to expect at your fitting.

  • Our fittings are performed with respect to privacy and to your individual needs. We fit all genders, shapes and sizes.
  • We will determine your proper size by taking measurements. Getting these measurements are crucial in providing a good fit and the best results from your compression garment.
  • We will make a recommendation of size and select from our wide variety of vendor options or use exact dimensions to provide a custom garment to offer the ultimate support for your individual situation.
  • We strive to achieve a fit that is snug but not tight and without creases or folds. Communication is a key factor in getting the right fit, if the garment feels too tight or causes pain or indentations it is important to let us know.
  • We provide detailed instructions and education on using and caring for your garment. We will also inform you of the manufacturer’s warranties and specific care instructions.

Replacing your garment

The elastic fibers of your compression garment stockings will break down with wear. Proper care will increase the “life” span of your stockings, but you will need to replace your stockings or sleeve at about every 3 - 6 months depending on how often you are wearing and how you are caring for your garment. As a general rule, if your garment becomes easy to put on, it probably needs to be replaced.