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What We Offer


Through compounding, we can create custom solutions to fit your needs.


We have everything you would expect from a traditional pharmacy.

Medical Equipment

We carry medical equipment and will special order any unusual items.

Holistic Health

We incorporate a strong focus on organic and natural products.

Serving Your Needs

We strive to make the impossible, possible and to exceed our customers' expectations.

Happy Customers

  • A massage done by Randi is not only wonderfully relaxing, but can be very therapeutic as well. I should know, I have been enjoying the benefits...

    Shippensburg, PA

  • I was amazed at how I felt after the Aroma Touch Technique. I had a ton of energy and my mind felt so clear!

    Shippensburg, PA

  • I have known Randi Weist for over 25 years. She is a dedicated young woman with a passion for teaching good nutritional health as well as guiding...

    Shippensburg, PA

  • Great pharmacy. I've been coming here since diagnosed with Lymes and Babesia. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always ready to help in any...

  • Chambers Apothecary has been a true blessing to our family.  For the last several years, they have provided compounded medications that have...

    The Elliot Family

  • Chambers' Apothecary is the best pharmacy in town. I know because I have tried them all. They are a true testament to; if it can be done, it will...

    The Landaverde Family